Do you offer eye exams?

No. We are opticians, not optometrists. We are basically eyewear pharmacists. We help you fill the prescription you get from an optometrist.

Do you offer sunglasses?

Yes. We generally offer the same products as conventional opticians (except we don’t offer contact lenses).

Do you offer contact lenses?

No. Unfortunately, offering contact lenses involves too much equipment for mobile opticians like us.

Do you offer a guarantee?

Yes. We offer the same kind of guarantees on manufacturing defects that you’ll find anywhere else. We also guarantee a good fit and also offer you our very popular Bad Luck Special ensure your experience with us is a chill as possible.

Do you provide insurance receipts?

Yes. Our receipts are accepted by all insurers.



What are your shipping fees?

If you are near one of our service locations…

No shipping fees. We send your frames to the service location of your choice where you can try them out.

If you aren’t near any of our service locations…

$15 for a single set of frames.

Free for two or more frames.

What happens if I buy frames online and I don't like them?

If you are near one of our service locations…

Simple! We will exchange them for free for any other set of frames (they are all the same price) at any service location you choose. And if you really can't find anything you like, simple; we'll give you your money back.

If you aren’t near any of our service locations…

We will send you a return slip to print and you can send them back to us by mail and get a refund.

Are all your models shown on your online store?

No. We choose a select range of models to offer online.

Are the models found online available at all service locations?

Unfortunately, no. This is partly why we decided to open an online store. At our main location, called Les Portes Orange, we have more than 300 models, including all those found on the online store. In our other service locations, we have about 150 models available, not all of which are shown online. Thanks to our online store, you can get the frames you love at the service location you choose so you can try them on!

I am near one of your service locations. Can I write down the models I like and ask you to send them to that location?

Yes, the online shop ensures that you can try out the frames you like at the service location of your choice. Your online transaction will guarantee they are ready for you to try when you visit. Don't like them once you try them on? We will exchange them for free. Can't find anything else you like? We will reimburse you. It’s as simple as that.

Why do I have to be seen by an optician in person?

This is a requirement of Quebec’s order of opticians (Ordre des opticiens du Québec). A Quebec-based optician cannot fulfill an online transaction without seeing the customer in person.

If you are near one of our service locations…

That means that you’ll enjoy excellent service and get sound professional advice.

If you aren’t near any of our service locations…

Unfortunately, we won’t be able to offer you our sound professional advice about your prescription. You will need to see an optician or optometrist somewhere near you. But you will have saved on quality frames and will enjoy our reliable guarantees!

Can I make an appointment with an optician to have the prescription filled when I pick up my frames?

Absolutely. We can arrange all of that. Don't forget your prescription though!

I am not near any of your service locations. Can I buy a set of frames online and have the prescription lenses added by an optician near me?


I am near one of your service locations. Can I buy frames online and get the prescription lenses done elsewhere?

Yes. Your frames, your choice! But our prices are pretty great… just saying!

The way you describe your frames is, uh, unique. How come?

We thought it would be fun doing a parody of what’s done in the eyewear field and on the web. This follows the philosophy behind our “marketing” strategy.

Why are you still using “men” and “women” categories?

Our frames are divided into “Men” and “Women” categories for practical and physiological reasons. But in any case, all our frames are available to anyone, whether they are agender, androgynous, cisgender, gender fluid, queer or non-binary. Good-looking eyewear is universal!

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